Our Rewiews

" I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the services performed for Christ's Church of the Valley since we moved to our current campus in 1997. I have found you and your stuff to be reachable, responsive to our needs and flexible with respect to adjusting schedules to avoid conflict with our many activities.

Your maintenance of the restrooms, floors, and carpets has met all our expectations. You have managed to do an outstanding job despite our use of the facilities every day and evening of the week.

Thanks Again!"

Richard A L,

Administrator | Christs Church of the Valley

"On behalf of San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity we would like to thank J&J Janitorial Services for their donation of cleaning services. Without this donation we would not be able to continue our services of providing families safe and affordable housing. This donation not only impacts our workers, but it impacts the lives of families and community that they serve. We have truly been blessed by the caring hearts of J&J Janitorial Services.


Brittany K

Volunteer Coordinator | Habitat for Humanity

"For over five years, J&J Janitorial has consistently provided top-notch, cost-effective cleaning services for not only our multiple office environments, but also in our clients' dormitories, where discretion, patience and extra care are paramount.

Joanne, Jim and Oscar routinely visit our sites to see how things are going and, if necessary, to see how they can make things better.

I've never found them unavailable by phone or email, and they always respond affirmatively with special requests or emergencies.

Their staff members have all proven to be personable, ethical and hard-working.

I frequently receive calls from other janitorial companies asking if they can come in to provide a free estimate, and I always respond with the same declaration: I'm very happy with the company we're using and we're not planning on changing."

Jake Cashill

Director Of Facilities | Five Acres

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